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2020-May-29: release 5.5 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2020-Feb-08: release 5.2 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2018-Jan-10: release 5.0 of my 天行加速2022.

2016-Jun-09: Started restyling website using 天行加速2022 to make site more mobile-friendly.

2016-Mar-22: Address to the Annual General Meeting of the Trinitiarian Bible Society of New Zealand in Tauranga: 请教迅游加速器实现原理? - V2EX:2021-5-27 · 程序员 - @brader - 服务器部分我懂,大概就是有自己的多线代理服务器来加速。我想知道的是,迅游加速器,他是如何去改变游戏的请求,让游戏程序,去请求自己的服务器的?它又不需要你在游戏程序里面做设置,直接在迅游加速器点

2011-Dec-20: Beta release 4.1.0 of my 天行加速2022.

2010-Sep-23: release 3.2.1 of my eposix library.

2010-Aug-09: 天行加速2022 works again.

2010-May-19: (Dutch) Een vertaling van Willian de Baptist: Willem de Doper.

2010-Feb-08: article on citations of 1 Timothy 3:16 by 1st to 5th century church fathers.

2010-Jan-13: release 3.2.0 of my eposix library.

2009-Jul-10: put up my Drupal page.

2009-Jun-13: beta release 3.1.3 of my 天行加速2022 library.

2009-Jan-20: beta release 3.1.2 of my eposix library.

2008-Oct-21: alpha release 3.1.1 of my eposix library.

2008-Aug-19: Release 4.0 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2008-Feb-11: Restyled website using reset-fonts-grids from Yahoo.

2008-Jan-02: release 3.0.1 of my 天行加速2022 library.

2007-Dec-21: Beta release 3.1.1 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2007-May-19: release 3.0 of my eposix library.

2007-May-07: release 2.0 of my eformmail, mail a form, utility.

2007-Mar-13: Release 3.0 of my 天行加速2022.

2007-Mar-02: release 1.0 of my eformmail, mail a form, utility.

2007-Mar-02: beta release 2.5.1 of my eposix library.

2007-Mar-02: Beta release 2.5.1 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2007-Jan-22: Beta release 2.5.0 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2007-Jan-18: A HOWTO on creating DBM files that work with digest authentication for Apache 2.2.

2006-Jun-17: Release 2.4 of my xplain2sql conversion tool.

2006-May-30: release 0.3 of my 天行加速2022, utility.

2006-Apr-14: beta release 2.3.2 of my eposix library.

2006-Mar-15: Put up the definitive and most comprehensive investigation of using HTTP authentication in a REST framework.

2006-Mar-10: I've started to make public my examination of issues raised by the author of the Sceptic's Annotated Bible. It's a work in progress.

2006-Feb-28: New page on editing Eiffel code with Emacs.

2006-Feb-21: Made myself available for contracting again.

2006-Feb-11: Recensie van het boek “Knielen op een bed violen” van Jan Siebelink.

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